London Marathon 2015 guide

News Desk (26 April, 2015)

Check out our guide for the big day, including travel advice, a preview of the borough's charity fundraisers and the best pubs to enjoy a mid-marathon pint in.

2050Councilor Lisa Rajan will run as 'Wonder Woman'

Welcome to our London Marathon 2015 guide.

Police travel advice: Police have issued special instructions for Rotherhithe residents affected by the road closures being put in place for this Sunday’s marathon. Mile 9 to Mile 11 of the race will take place entirely within the peninsula.

Bacon’s College in Timber Pond Lane will act as a free, secure, overnight parking facility for local residents. Cars can be parked there from 4pm Saturday to 4pm the following day.

Residents can exit the peninsula by driving through Timber Pond Roads, Poolmans Street, Needleman Street, Surrey Quays Road, Lower Road and Jamaica Road (westbound). Residents attempting to enter the peninsula while road closures asre in place should use Hawkstone Road, Lower Roas, Surrey Quays Road, Needleman Street, Poolmans Street and Timber Pond Road.

Dan Marsh collecting for Evelina at Surrey Quays

Dan Marsh collecting for Evelina at Surrey Quays

See below for a selection of articles about Southwark runners fundraising for a wide-selection of well-deserving charities. Click each link to read the full story:

Council workers will run in aid of a selection of the Mayor’s charities

Where to go for a drink on Marathon day:

Moby Dick

Greenland Docks, Onega Gate, SE16 7PL

Tel: 020 7231 6719

Early along the route as the runners enter our borough, making their way towards the Rotherhithe peninsular coming in from Surrey Quays, you can get away from the crowds and enjoy the tranquillity of Greenland Docks at the Moby Dick.

Opening early at 10am with breakfasts and serving food right up until 9:45pm the two storey modern pub is set in beautiful surroundings.

Downtown Blacksmiths Arms

257 Rotherhithe Street,  SE16 5FJ

Tel: 020 7231 8838

As runners will be making their way along Salter Road, you can turn off on to Rotherhithe Street to enjoy a drink at the Blacksmith – a traditional old pub which boasts a good Sunday roast. It is worth booking in advance as it will be busy everywhere on Marathon day. They have also recently opened their new beer garden.

Adam & Eve 

47 Swan Road, SE16 4JN

This is one of the only pubs on the actual route of the marathon passing through Southwark.

They are opening up early on the day at 10am with music from the Jazzmaggs and special guests. The pub has a nice beer garden and they are selling a Borough Box from Borough Market.


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